Sitting at the Feet of Jesus

We all know the story of Martha and Mary in the Bible.  It is easy to side with Martha who was busy getting dinner ready for Jesus and his disciples while Mary was sitting at the feet of Jesus.  We get that.  Being busy can give us the sense of purpose, of getting something done.  Sitting and listening to Jesus is not getting anything done.  Martha needed help and Mary should have been helping.  Martha appeals to Jesus to get Mary to help her.  But Jesus commends Mary saying she has chosen what was better.  For our work to have purpose we must first sit at Jesus feet and learn from him.  If

Safe Harbor News for March 23, 2017

man prayinWhat a blessing to hear the testimonies of the men from Teen Challenge this past Sunday morning.  The Gospel of the Kingdom has the power to change lives where the good efforts of men and women do not.  Please keep the ministry of Teen Challenge in prayer.  With the addiction crisis facing our state we need Kingdom focused ministries addressing this need.

Newsletter for March 16, 2017

Martha and Mary with JesusOver 300 people attended the Thrive Cape Cod conference this past weekend. What a blessing it was to join with believers across Cape Cod in prayer, worship and the hope that our best days are ahead of us. Pastor Clive Calver, former president of World Relief, called us to “break camp” from Deuteronomy 1:6-8 where the Israelites were commanded by God to go and take the land.

One Mission

When Jesus came to earth, he came to fulfill the mission given to him by his Father. That mission was not to gather large crowds to instruct, or to simply heal the sick, though this was an important part of his ministry. His mission was to connect lost people in relationship with God. The cross was the means for reconciliation and making disciples was the method for spreading the message of the Kingdom. In John 17 Jesus gave an account of his ministry to his Father saying that he has trained the disciples given to him. A major part of Jesus mission was to make disciples.

Newsletter for March 9, 2017

Dear Friends,

This Friday and Saturday we have a unique opportunity to join with Christians across Cape Cod to discuss how to help our churches and communities thrive. There is still time to register (it’s free) for the Thrive Cape Cod conference at Check out the topics for the workshops on Saturday, which cover a variety of practical issues including discipleship, evangelism, prison ministry, and substance abuse. Jesus’ vision for His church is that we prosper and thrive in our mission with Him.

One Lord, One Cross

The cross has been the symbol for Christianity for the past 2000 years. What an odd symbol it is. The instrument of execution has become a symbol of hope and life. The cross of Jesus represents the incredibly good news that God sent his only Son to be the sin offering for the world thus setting us free from the bondage and penalty of sin. Jesus died an horrific and humiliating death on the cross to free us from death and reconcile us to God the Father. Jesus is Lord as well as Savior.